So many pleasures in this lifetime of mine…which will merit a posting today?

Is it the kicking of my daughter’s feet when her granddad enters the room? Is the intense converation that Cambron and I share? Is it the silliness of my nature? Is it the way God’s presense sweeps through the trees and gently lifts the ends of my hair- sweeping them across my face? Or could it be all the wonderful people in my life that love me unconditionally – for the every bit of different that I am?

Thankfulness for the simple pleasures of a blessed life-this is what merits a post.


Starting over…

There comes a time when all past blog posts must go. For me- this time is now.

The theraputic blog. Always there when you need to vent or make a private struggle public for the sake of supporting prayers from your christian peoples.

Until next time, my dearest friends and family…